Donate to our 2022 Postage Drive. image

Donate to our 2022 Postage Drive.

Help us send books to inmates nationwide.

$7,081 raised

$6,000 goal

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Help us send books to inmates nationwide.

The Prison Library Project (PLP), sponsored by the Claremont Forum, relies on donations to cover postage costs, and we are asking you to contribute to our annual postage drive.

Our goal of $6000 may seem high, however, our current budget only allows us to send books and educational materials to about 50% of inmates who write to us requesting reading materials. Many book requests go unfilled because we do not have sufficient funds to cover the postage. With your help, we could increase that amount and respond to more requests.

Access to books and other educational resources remains limited for many who are incarcerated. Your contribution will help us put more requested books, along with dictionaries and other educational materials, in the hands of incarcerated men and women across the country. Roughly 350 state and federal prisons trust the Prison Library Project to mail reading materials to their institution.

Donate today and know that your donation will help us complete our mission throughout the year. Become a monthly donor and help us with postage expenses all year!


$25 sends packages of books to seven people

$100 covers the postage for an entire day of book requests

$500 allows us to answer an additional 140 letters requesting books


Incarcerated people continue to face difficulty accessing books in hundreds of US prisons. Funding and support for prison education and libraries remains limited.

During the pandemic, many inmates have been on "lockdown" and are unable to access the prison's books and resources.

Many inmates cannot receive books unless they are mailed directly from an online vendor (like Amazon) or from approved organizations such as the PLP. Family members and friends are frequently restricted from mailing books to their loved ones and the cost of purchasing books through online vendors can be prohibitively expensive.

Some inmates don't have connections outside the prison at all.

The donation you make today will send books directly to someone who is living behind bars.